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 Channel Letters

Channel Letters are the first choice for business owner as well as city planner. Today most all come with LED internal illuminated. front lid, back lid (hallo) or dual lid. consuming channel letters must choose a sign contractor. City permit always require by law.

Regular channel letters is only front lid with acrylic face. most color red, blue, yellow, green. some time white face contour with color adhesive vinyl lettering or another layer of acrylic ( city require such South Pasadena) most city planner prefer LED for safety & energy saving.

Reverse channel letters is back lid (hallo). face & return fabricate with aluminum. Paint in many color. most used by big corporation, salon, or some want to show mystery in style.

 Dual lid is popular these day. combine both above. restaurant, business location in plaza.

 Expo channel letters is the only channel letters still used neon. style call expo channel letter, which the neon is seen in classic style. without face or clear acrylic face for weather protection. expo channel still exist around bars & old restaurant, country side motel, casino.

sample picture:  regular channel letters combine with neon border of King Palace Buffet

sample picture: expo channel letters. repair letter K for THE KNICKERBOCKER in holiwood

dual view channel letters

Sample picture: dual lid channel letters of PARIS BAGUETTE



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